Chris Lee's VentureBeat Dev Diary

By Jessie.

Chris Lee on VentureBeat

Vice President of Publishing Chris Lee recently wrote an exclusive “dev diary” for VentureBeat. The full article is now available right here, so read on—or view the latest TERA dev diary on VentureBeat.

This article originally featured on VentureBeat.com:

TERA: Time to “level up”

By Chris Lee, Publishing VP at En Masse Entertainment

My memory of the last two-and-a-half years is a blur of starting a new company, westernizing an MMO, and promoting a game. Some specific moments stand out in my mind, like our first day as a company when we met in our real estate agent’s back room, or the epic yoga-ball jousting match we had in the hallway of our first office, or last Halloween when the new office was full of Starfleet Academy graduates, Mad Men ad agents, and Tetris cube costumes.

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