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Games are fun! Every single day, we realize how lucky we are to make fun for a living.

En Masse Entertainment is dedicated to building and publishing the finest online games in the world: games that meet the highest industry standards; games made by gamers for gamers; games that reflect our passion and our sense of fun.

Games are what we eat, sleep, and breathe. We're passionate about the work we do. We know we do it well, and we're always looking to do it better.

Our founders are a “who's who” of the gaming industry that has created a company of veterans and newcomers alike. We build on previous triumphs to create something even better, because “good enough for our past successes” isn't good enough for us.

Games take a lot of work, and that's why publishing is serious business. It's so serious that publishers sometimes lose their way, and start to see games as titles on boxes and columns in spreadsheets.

Our flagship product, TERA TM, developed by Bluehole Studio, is already captivating players in the East, and will very soon be making gaming history in the West, thanks to our team of experts in localization, marketing, platform, operations, and security.

Games are so much more. That's why we came together to form En Masse Entertainment. For us, the game comes first. Together, as a group, as a dedicated whole, we will publish games that meet the highest industry standards while providing the highest level of entertainment.

Games drive us. Games draw us together. Games are who we are.