EME Begins Exciting New Chapter

by Chris

EME Enters Mobile Arena

Today I’m excited to announce an exciting new chapter in the growth of En Masse Entertainment — we are launching our first mobile game: Fruit Attacks.

Being a successful game publisher means that you need to adapt to changing conditions, experiment with new ideas, and stay in touch with consumer expectations. At En Masse, we pride ourselves on being a modern publisher and attribute our success to our approach to publishing.

That’s why we have decided to add mobile to our games portfolio. The mobile market is showing tremendous growth and many of our PC players are mobile gamers as well now. Just like we did with TERA and ZMR, as we move into the mobile arena we will look for games that stand out from the crowd due to their unique style and entertaining gameplay. Fruit Attacks provides that differentiation with its fun hook-shot mechanic and its beautiful, playful art.

The strong foundation that En Masse built over the last five years has led to great success in the PC game arena, and we are confident we can leverage what we have learned there to build success in the mobile market as well. Fruit Attacks is just the first step. We see a bright future filled with new games across multiple platforms as we bring our service-first approach to the entire spectrum of games and gamers.

— Chris Lee, CEO, En Masse Entertainment