En Masse Interviewed in DFC Dossier

by Evan

EME Dossier

En Masse Entertainment was featured in the latest issue of DFC Intelligence's market research and strategic analysis report, the DFC Dossier. The DFC Dossier is distributed to thousands of upper management professionals for insight into the latest technology (and game) industry trends. Vice President of Publishing Chris Lee and Senior Producer Brian Knox were interviewed by the firm about TERA and the changes it brings to the MMO market.

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Here’s a sample from the article:

DFC is taking a closer look at new MMOs that feature an innovative tack in game design. En Masse Entertainment is one such outfit. This Seattle-based publishing operation is a subsidiary of Bluehole Studio in South Korea. En Masse’s first project is adapting Bluehole’s inaugural product, [TERA], for the North American market.

DFC Intelligence: Please give us your perspective of the market for subscription MMOs in North America. Things have changed radically since Ultima Online in 1997, World of Warcraft in 2004, and today. What does it take to be successful in 2011 with a subscription MMO?

Chris Lee: An MMO has to compete on the four P’s: product (quality), place (digital), price, and promotion. We believe what will make us different is our commitment to high-quality service. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations with regards to the level of service we provide. That covers support, community, polish, stability, content, balance, and security. North American players have a high value bias towards companies and products that provide good service, especially when it comes to a product in which they subscribe.

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