EnMasse.com Relaunched

by webteam

We have Internets!

Welcome to EnMasse.com, En Masse Entertainment’s home on the internet! Our website has been reconstructed from the ground up to better show who we are as a company and what we represent to developers and gamers alike. Learn more by visiting our Company page.

The En Masse blog will serve as our voice and web presence, where we’ll talk about a range of topics such as hot industry news, the latest memes, or how we’re growing. On the back end, we’re developing robust services from scratch—including our new account management system and online store, both of which will be housed here on EnMasse.com. These services will support TERA through and beyond launch and be our platform for future titles as well.

We are continuing to grow and evolve in our pursuit of becoming your favorite game company. Interested in becoming part of the team? Check out our Jobs page for available positions. Join us for this exciting chapter in the story of En Masse Entertainment!