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Our Mission

We're a Seattle-based publisher focused on providing custom support to the right partners—and we are always looking for like-minded people to join us on our mission.



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    Rich Medical Benefits

    Robust package designed around choice, flexibility, and value.
    Medical, dental, vision—with 100% coverge for employees, 80% for dependents. Benefits Advocates provide on-call assistance.

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    Wellness Program

    Invested in improving the overall health and well-being of our employees, while promoting a culture aligned with our core values.
    Free access to onsite gym.

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    Open Vacation Time and Paid Time Off

    Unlimited time off for salaried employees—and we encourage people to use it! Generous earned time off for hourly employees, starting at three weeks.
    Flexible work schedules when you are in the office, plus the ability to work remotely.

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    Transportation Subsidy

    24/7 ORCA transit passes, including Ride-Free Guarantee Program.
    Reduced monthly garage parking, conveniently located close to our office. Historic downtown Seattle office located close to transit tunnel and on several major bus routes.


We founded En Masse Entertainment in 2009, with the goal of bringing TERA to western audiences. In the years since, we've built on our initial success, leveraging the momentum from each successive game to create a robust publishing ecosystem of communities, products, and services.

We're small and agile, but we've got the support of the entire Krafton Game Union on tap whenever we need it—allowing us to scale our operations up for breakout titles, or down for more focused service.

We relentlessly focus on bridging the gap between incredible experiences and finding the right audience for a game. 

Throughout all of this, we're aware the video game business can be unpredictable—so while we strive for success stories, we also make it a point to learn from failures or weaknesses, across all our products, our strategies, and our teams.

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Our customers include not just our players and our developers, but also ourselves. Our service-first philosophy seeks to improve experiences—both internally and externally—through planning, proactive transparency, and putting teams and projects above ego. 

Our staff passionately realizes their full potential and inspires others! They hold themselves accountable and know their responsibilities. They share knowledge, seek answers to the unknown, and keep moving forward. They are proactive and push themselves, and love what they do. They continually ask: Can we be better? 

Think big! We challenge the status quo while being mindful of what would be best for your product. Not all experiments will be a success, but we can always learn from the results. Our experimental nature is not just about trying new ways or processes; it’s an impetus to iterate and improve, with a focus on great results. 

We use our values to guide decisions and embrace a "bias toward action" mindset. We ask if it is right for the company and the customer. Then make deliberate, smart decisions. 

We listen well to understand the problem—beyond just what is being said—then offer solutions. When faced with a roadblock, we find a way around it without waiting for someone or something else to clear it. Identifying the problem is half  the battle: we go beyond and provide solutions. 

We accept solutions from others and receive them well. We are a team and we challenge each other, but we never leave our teammates behind. We carry each other through our solutions.

We collectively and continually raise the bar! There is excellence, and above that, there is En Masse excellence. We set the bar high and push to keep raising it. 

Excellence is achieved not just individually, but collectively. We always ask how we can be better: better than ourselves, and better than our competitors. Accept nothing less than the ever-climbing standard of En Masse excellence.


    Honor relationships through open and honest experiences


    Treat every interaction as a partnership


    Stand together in success and strife


    Take action in the face of fear


    Reveal yourself and your work to be more than expected