The Bravest and Brightest

The Bravest and Brightest

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the Heroes of the Resistance Trailer for new gameplay footage featuring Rian, Brea, and Hup. Once you’re done, read on for more details on how these characters will appear in-game.

One of the first characters you’ll meet is Rian—a Gelfling warrior who initially serves the Skeksis, until he learns the awful secret they’ve been trying to hide. Rian starts play as a Guardian, which means that he’s as good at soaking up damage as he is at dealing it out.

Brea is kind of the opposite of Rian: This Gelfling is technically a princess, but she’s far more interested in studying the lore of Thra than possibly one day replacing her mother as All-Maudra. As an Adept, Brea is a go-to character for healing and support spells, but she’s flexible enough to deal out some damage when the situation calls for it.

Finally, there’s Hup: the noble Podling who aspires to become one of the All-Maudra’s paladins. But as brave and loyal as Hup is, he’s still just a Podling, armed with wooden spoons. Hup begins play as a Paladin—meaning that he fights using his relentless spirit, rather than brute strength.

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